OSHA Standards Change for Mechanical Power Press

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The Mechanical Power Presses Standard serves to protect employees operating this powerful piece of equipment. For example, if an employee is working with a worn, damaged or malfunctioning press, they could risk hand, finger or arm injuries which may result in amputation. However, in attempts to prevent these potential injuries from the mechanical press, employers were required to complete a vast amount of paperwork verifying that each press had been inspected and was up to operating standards on a weekly basis. Just recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) made two revisions to its Mechanical Power Presses Standard.

The first change OSHA made to its Mechanical Power Presses Standard was the modification of a provision that requires employers to develop and maintain certification records of periodic inspections performed on the presses. OSHA has added a requirement that employers must develop and maintain certification records of any maintenance or repairs they perform on the presses during these periods.

Due to this change, OSHA has removed the requirement from another provision that states employers must develop and maintain certification records of weekly inspections and tests performed on the presses. These will no longer be necessary as any repairs to the Mechanical Power Press will be recorded as they occur.

These changes stem from the Department of Labor’s initiative to reduce the burden of paperwork. This initiative strives to remove 613,600 hours of unnecessary paperwork for employers, while maintaining a safe work environment for employees.

“Creating a framework that ensures workers are safe and treated fairly is the right thing to do, and updating rules and standards is also the right thing to do,” said Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health. “The rules announced today maintain standards, lessen the burden on employers and help grow our economy.”

If you have any questions regarding how these OSHA changes will affect your business, please contact Bill Trammell at PDCM Insurance, by email at btrammell@pdcm.com or by cellphone 319-464-0414.

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