National Physical Activity and Sports Month

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May is National Physical Activity and Sports Month, so what better time to get
active and enjoy the warmer months to come? Here are a few tips to getting active
outside this month!

Get Active Outside
Getting the recommended amount of physical activity every day doesn’t have to be
a chore. An easy way to make an activity fun for the whole family is by playing
outside. Getting outdoors is a great way for your family to enjoy developing an
active lifestyle.

Why Outside?
Why not? Regular exercise in nature has been proven to improve children’s mental
and physical health. Outdoor activity also helps kids – and adults – maintain a
healthy weight, boost immunity and lower stress.

Where to Go
There are many different places you can go to get active outside. You can stay as
close as your back yard or take a short trip across your state. Visit a local park,
playground or recreation area, or check out a state or national park. Not sure where
to find one in your area? The Let’s Move! initiative’s website provides links for
places to go:

What to Do
It’s easy to find affordable activities that will help bring your family together as you
enjoy the outdoors.
Travel by foot. From walking around the block to hiking up a mountain, there are
many new places to explore on foot. Hiking and walking have been shown to improve
cardiovascular health and even help you lose weight if you walk regularly.
Ride your bikes. Riding a bike helps improve balance and endurance. Biking is a fun,
family-friendly activity that you can all use to stay healthy and get places faster.
Go swimming. This low-impact activity burns more calories per hour than almost any
other activity, and has been shown to improve strength, flexibility and
cardiovascular health.

What to Bring
If you’re spending more than an hour or two at your activity, make sure you bring
these essentials to keep it safe and fun.
•Drinking water to stay hydrated
•Healthy snacks like nuts and carrot sticks
•Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses to protect from the sun’s UV rays
•Rain gear
•Extra layers in case it gets chilly
•Backpack to carry everything


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