do you need flood insurance

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Did you know that even an inch of water seeping into your home or business can cause thousands of dollars in damage? How about the fact that flood losses are specifically excluded from homeowners and personal umbrella insurance policies? In order to safeguard your home or business, you need flood insurance provides the specific protection…

what is life insurance

What is Life Insurance?

Your life is the most valuable thing you have, and your family depends on you for a number of things. If your family lost you now, how would they afford to pay the bills that you currently manage? Life insurance isn’t the happiest subject to talk about, but having a policy in place can relieve…

sr22 insurance iowa

SR22 Insurance in Iowa

If you have recently tried to re-instate your license and are told that you need to file for SR-22 insurance in Iowa; you may be wondering if you really need it and how you get it. Before filing for SR-22 insurance, it’s important to understand what SR-22 is and what it provides for you.

What "Obamacare" Means for You

If you find confused about all the health care changes and find yourself asking “how will Obamacare affect me?”, you’re not alone. How health care reform legislation affects you varies greatly depending on your age, who you work for and many other factors. It is important for each of us to understand how Obama care can affect…