How to Manage Workplace Stress


Over 75 percent of Americans consider their jobs to be stressful. While specific sources of stress and the way we deal with them differ from person to person, many of us especially struggle to cope with factors that are out of our control.


Still, learning how to manage workplace stress is important because stress can pave the way for serious health conditions like asthma, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and even premature death. Your body will warn you if you are experiencing too much stress with physical symptoms. It is important that you listen to it and take action if you are regularly experiencing any of the following: insomnia, anxiety or depression, low morale, short temper, headaches and stomach or back problems. There are several techniques that you can take in order to manage your stress which will result in lowering your health risks and overall improving your quality of life.


stress management techniques - workplace stress

Stress Management Techniques:

Plan ahead:
Set realistic deadlines to complete projects. This will allow you to give yourself time to think projects through instead of rushing to get them done.

Focus on what you can control:
Create a “to-do” list in order to prioritize your workload. Finish the most pressing projects first, and then move onto the less important projects.

Take it slow:
Think things through before you act. This will save you from having to re-do misguided projects.

Find alternatives:
Think outside the box. When you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, search for alternative solutions to get the job done.

Utilize your resources:
If you cannot finish a project internally, ask for help or explore outsourcing options.

Taking a walk or discussing your work situation with another person may help you to gain a fresh perspective

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