Help Your Children get In the Swim

When children learn to swim, they develop a skill they’ll have for the rest of their lives. Of course, children should learn to swim to be water-safe, yet there are so many other benefits that come with taking the plunge.

Help Your Children Want To Swim

Swimming is fantastic exercise

Swimming works every muscle of the body and helps children gain muscle tone and strength while developing longer, leaner muscles. As a resistance exercise, swimmers also have stronger bones, which is increasingly important as they age.

Swimming is good for the brain recently reported that physically fit kids actually have differences in their brain structures that might allow them to do better in math. Study after study indicates that when children are active, their test scores and overall academic achievement are positively impacted.

Swimming is easy on the wallet

Hockey sticks. Soccer shin guards. Football helmets. Compared to other sports, swimming is inexpensive. If your child owns a swimsuit, he or she has what it takes to get started. If your child really dives into the sport and wants to pursue more pool time, you’ll probably want to invest in a good pair of goggles and a swim cap. Once again, those things probably won’t break the bank.

Swimming is a good social outlet

How many times do your kids (or did you, as a youngster) ask to spend the day at the pool? When kids learn to swim, they can hang out with friends, feel a sense of belonging, and splash around and have fun. And if kids participate on swim teams, they learn how to be leaders, team players and good sports – all essential to becoming confident, well-rounded, pleasant-to-be-around adults.

Here’s How to Get In the Swim

More than likely there’s a YMCA, aquatic center, or parks and rec department near you that offers swimming lessons for a variety of ages. If your child is new to the water, check out the parent/infant and parent/toddler classes and have fun together. If your child is older, you can celebrate their success from the sidelines during beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. What a great way to bond!

What tips can you share about your child’s swimming experience? How has your youngster benefitted by getting in the swim. Let us know!


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