An Overview of PDCM Services

At PDCM Insurance, we offer an extensive amount of insurance possibilities to fit any and every need you may have.  The experienced staff here is trained to know and review the types of policies that are needed by our clients.  From individual life insurance for the single, college student in a studio apartment to the auto insurance for the family of five, PDCM is available to navigate and search for the best policy to fit the needs for our wide variety of customers.

Life Insurance

The life insurance policy covers aspects such as estate analysis along with Medicare supplements. Many people don’t understand how valuable the benefits of life insurance really are. For example, it may not benefit you that much to insure your own life, but it is certainly useful to the people you care about. If anything were to happen to you, your family and loved ones can remain financially stable and not be hindered with costs such as a funeral etc. This is something you are able to give your loved ones – peace of mind.

Auto Insurance

Americans spend a lot of time on the road commuting to work, picking the kids up from school, not to mention all of the errands in between. As a result, the number of motor vehicle accidents has steadily risen over the past couple decades. When you have proper auto insurance, you can be confident and more comfortable having your family on the road.  If damage is done to your car or another vehicle, the cost of repair won’t come out of your pocket.  By having insurance, you will be covered and won’t have to worry about unexpected accidents and damages. There are many different kinds of policies and plans available, but the experts at PDCM are dedicated to finding the right automotive coverage for you.

Home Insurance

Home ownership can get expensive. After paying for your own repairs, remodels, property taxes and more, you may be wondering what the objective of having home insurance. Isn’t it just one more thing you have to pay for?  Valid question.  Our answer? Safety, and again, peace of mind!  Sometimes, the unexpected happens like a flooded basement or a home break-in.  We hope these things never happen but if they do, know that with home insurance from PDCM, you’re protected.  It never hurts to have a helping hand, particularly in devastating situations such as that.  When your home is insured, PDCM will come in and inspect the cost of damage, the rough cost of items stolen or whatever the case may be.  We work closely along side of you to make you feel at ease.  First and foremost, PDCM is here for you!

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