Welcome to the PDCM blog! I know, you might prefer poking yourself in the eye over reading a blog on insurance topics. I mean, I know the web is full of much more exciting places to spend three minutes. I’ll admit, it is hard for us to compete with any of the videos on Tosh.0. However, the three minutes you spend here will hopefully make a difference in your life as you look at how to protect the things that matter most….your family and all of your assets!

PDCM is a 104 year-old insurance agency with offices in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Independence, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines.  In the advent of the advertising boom around insurance, many people have given in to the thought that they can forgo local service for the benefit of price. We have retooled our agency for you, so that you can have great rates with a LOCAL service office who know you and your family. You won’t have to explain to us why there are no calls on an Iowa football Saturday, but the other guy’s call center across the world won’t know that!

Our promise is to cover topics that will help educate you on the importance of home insurance, auto insurance and maybe a little business insurance thrown in for good measure. We have been battle tested in the Cedar Valley and across Iowa. Tornadoes, floods, hail and sheer winds have passed through Iowa, causing billions in damage. If the locusts come next, we are heading for our safe room bunker. Partnering with an insurance professional who can help address these issues BEFORE a disaster is the best plan.

I look forward to our team of professionals providing great resource material and insight to you and your family. Have a wonderful summer!

Chris Fereday

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